Ashly Cabas

Assistant Professor

Fitts-Woolard Hall 3175




Chunyang Ji

Topic: Seismic Attenuation; Non-ergodic Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis





Graduate Students

Nancy Ingabire Abayo; Ph.D. Candidate

Topic: Geomorphological Considerations in Lateral Spreading Estimations

Co-advisor: Dr. Brina Montoya

Sponsor: USGS




Cristina Lorenzo-Velazquez; Ph.D. Candidate 

Topic: Integrating Effects of Local Soil Conditions into System-Level Assessments of Civil Infrastructure

Sponsor: NSF





Cassie Gann; Ph.D. Candidate

Topic: Advanced Regional Site Amplification Analyses

Sponsor: NSF, USGS





Jungmin Lee; Ph.D. Student 

Topic: Rapid Post-Earthquake Seismic Hazard Analysis incorporating the Effects of Local Soil Conditions

Sponsor: Alaska DOT




David Barba; Ph.D. Student 

Topic: Multiscale Probabilistic Characterization of Seismic Site Response in Highly Uncertain Environments

Sponsor: NSF





Melanie Dickson; M.S. Student 

Topic: Intersectional Impact of Earthquakes



Undergraduate Research Supervision 


Ariana Paul; BS Student and NC State Park Scholar





Lab Alumni 


Dr. Kyunguk Na

Topic: Dynamic Properties of Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) Treated Soil

Co-advisor: Dr. Brina Montoya

Currently at Geosyntec (Atlanta office)




Dr. Chunyang Ji

Topic: Seismic Attenuation; Non-ergodic Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

Currently a postdoc at NC State University/GFZ Center




Dr. Ishika Nawrin Chowdhury

Topic: Hazard-Consistent Ground Motions for Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Analysis

Currently at Lettis Consultants International




Maria E. Ramos Sepulveda; MS

Topic: Site Effects on Ground Motion Directionality

Currently at UCLA (PhD candidate)





Dr. Sugandha Singh

Topic: Design Ground Motions compatible with High-frequency Energy Content in Low-to-Moderate Seismicity Regions [Co-advisor: Dr. Abhinav Gupta]

Currently, Assistant Professor at Jaypee University of Information Technology, India



Mona Doostmohammadibueini; MCE 

Topic: Implications of Earthquake-Induced Lateral Spreading on Bridge Resilience

Co-advisor: Dr. Brina Montoya




Rajprabhu Thangappa;  MS 

Topic: Scaling and spectral matching of ground motions

Co-advisor: Dr. Mervyn Kowlasky

Currently at NCSU (PhD student)



Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Zachary Militello
  • Nancy Ingabire-Abayo (2018-2019; currently a PhD student in Cabas’ research group)
  • Cassie Gann (2019; currently a PhD student in Cabas’ research group)
  • Cord Anthony (2019; currently a MSc student at NCSU)
  • Tristan Miller
  • Daniela Paz Espinosa Pulgar (Currently a MS student at Universidad de Concepcion, Chile)

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