CE 342: Engineering Behavior of Soils and Foundations

Description, identification, and engineering classification of soils. The basic principles and mechanics of flow of water through soils, deformation and strength of soils, and the processes of consolidation and compaction.  Effective stress concepts, stress and settlement analyses, and evaluation of shear strength.  Methods of analysis and geotechnical engineering design concepts.

CE 435: Engineering Geology

Application of both geology and geotechnical engineering to engineering projects. Principles and practice of soil mechanics and foundation engineering in light of geologic conditions; recognition, prediction, control or abatement of subsidence, landslides, earthquakes, and other geohazards, and mitigation of their effects.

CE 593: Dynamics of Soils and Foundations

Description of underlying principles of soil dynamics, including: non-linear soil behavior, vibrations, and dynamic soil structure interaction.

CE 746: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Introduction to and implementation of fundamental principles, assessment and design procedures related to engineering seismology and geotechnical earthquake engineering.